About us

Welcome to Lee's Delicacees

A small little home based bakery located in Mumbai owned by Leandra Fernandes. We at Lee’s Delicacee’s specialize in personalizing your dream come true cakes for every occasion. Be it a wedding cake a birthday cake or a special gift to a special someone, we offer an amazing variety of cakes and desserts to suit your occasion. All are cakes are strictly made to order and are baked fresh from scratch with the finest ingredients and the highest quality. We take great pleasure in customizing cakes, desserts, take aways and even certain materials to go with your special occasion. (PAPER BUNTINGS, FOOD TAGS , WEDDING CAKE STANDS, TOPPERS etc personally designed by us) Give us a chance to sweeten your taste buds and you will crave only MORE !!

Leandra Fernandes

“ Hey there! I’m Leandra and I am the girl behind this little home bound bakery that evolved from my passion and love for food and baking. I have been in the food industry since the last 5 years. I have studied culinary in the lands of Switzerland and thereafter pursued bakery in India. Cooking has been my passion and hobby since childhood days, besides these designing DIY invites, buntings and basic décor has always added a feather to my hat. The never ending love for food, cakes and desserts and the urge to always create something new has led me to the setup of this new venture.Though being a CHEF, I never got a chance to pursue knowledge and experience in the bakery and patisserie world. Instead I call myself a trial and error, self taught, sugar addict!!”

I strongly believe that

"A Recipe has no Soul,
YOU as the Chef
must bring Soul to the Recipe"